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There is no work more important than fatherhood and motherhood.

NAFFA defines the purpose of life as "to have a happy and safe family." NAFFA's approach is based on a culturally rich model that inspires and motivates fathers and mothers to devote their best efforts in teaching and raising children to develop their potential, and the attributes needed for success in life.

It is important to understand that real change must come from within. Outside pressure rarely changes a person. There are two important and necessary elements in strengthening the desire for positive change:

  • Truly love the people whom you serve.
  • Love what you bring to the people you serve.

Our programs inspire and ignite self-motivation through natural techniques. Our method is to uplift, encourage, assist, and teach. Filling life with hope, gratitude, and understanding has a powerful effect in changing attitudes and behavior.

NAFFA believes that fathers, in partnership with mothers, must take the lead in making the necessary adjustments to head in a new direction with correct information based on true and proven principles. We must be a forward thinking, forward looking, and forward moving people. We cannot live in or dwell on the past, however, the past can help us progress to a brighter future.

Parents must encourage their children to learn about their forefathers and heritage. When we learn about our ancestors, what they stood for, what they valued and what was important to them, we realize that we have much in common. When we truly understand the past, we must improve upon the present. We are simply bringing back an old message for a happy life that emphasizes the true need for families, and the critical importance of loving and devoted parents.

NAFFA takes the position:

  • Fathers are the solution to addressing family and social problems in communities.
  • Fathers are the greatest untapped resource.
  • Fathers must take the lead in keeping families together.

NAFFA is currently working with over 150 Tribes and First Nations across North America to change lives and communities.  Since 2002, approximately 12,000 Native fathers and mothers have participated in our programs.

We invite all individuals to join us in our quest to bring prosperity and stability to the institution of family through responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

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Upcoming Events
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Fatherhood Is Sacred & Motherhood Is Sacred Training
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October 21-23 , 2014
Mesa, AZ

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11th Annual National Native American "Fatherhood is Leadership" Conference
November 5-7 , 2014
Mesa, AZ

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Linking Generations By Strengthening Relationships Training
November 12-14, 2014
Mesa, AZ

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Fatherhood Is Sacred & Motherhood Is Sacred Training
9-11, December 2014
Mesa, AZ

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Other Events

-Mr. Albert M. Pooley will also be presenting at "Working Together, Learning Together - Assisting Victims of Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities".
October 28 & 29, 2014.

This event is a gathering of Prince Edward Island's First Nation service providers and provides an opportunity for learning and strengthening relationships to help prevent family violence. There will be approximately 45 attending, representing a variety of services including health, child and family and police.

The event is taking place at beautiful Stanley Bridge Resort in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island. The organization hosting the event is the Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI and their website is This is a closed event.

Big Congrats to Chinle, Arizona:

The Department for Self Reliance (DSR) proudly announces that three (3) staff from the DSR Chinle Office have received certification to be Facilitators for the, Fatherhood Is Sacred™ and Motherhood Is Sacred™ Training Curriculum. Program Supervisor II, Emmett Begay; Training Instructor, Helen Billy and Principal Case Worker, Brianna Jones are successfully facilitating the programs at the Chinle DSR location. - See more at:

The Facilitators lead separate groups, of TANF mothers and fathers, through a six week, four-hour session held every Thursday at the Chinle DSR location. At the end of the sessions participants receive certificates of completion. “I am very enthusiastic about starting the Fatherhood and Motherhood sessions after years and years of trying to get a certified trainer, now that we have three staff certified to train on Fatherhood and Motherhood, we are very happy to start the sessions,” stated Emmett Begay.

Begay is facilitating the training for all of his staff. “The staff will benefit from these trainings to better assist their TANF customers and to also use within their own homes. They have families of their own, and they need support and encouragement too,” stated Begay. The Fatherhood is Sacred™ and Motherhood is Sacred™ Facilitators assist parents to realize their full potential by understanding the power of wisdom. Facilitators help build character and integrity, and help participants understand the Sacredness of Fatherhood and Motherhood among the Native Americans. Customers gain practical skills in parenting, relationships and social judgment. Facilitators also promote unity to help families and individuals face life’s challenges by teaching the participants their responsibility to their family, extended family and the community. Helen Billy and Brianna Jones have a lot of confidence in the program, “We have customers come to class and tell us that what we are teaching is working. That they go home and use what they learned with their families. The customers enjoy it and the children enjoy it,” stated Jones. “They are becoming involved parents, and they see their children are happier,” stated Billy.

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Mission Statement
To strengthen families by responsibly involving fathers in their lives of their children, families and communities and partnering with mothers to provide happy and safe families.
Vision Statement
Native American Fathers and Mothers as models of healthy parenting for happy and safe families everywhere.
The family is at the heart of the Native American cultures. There is no other work more important than fatherhood and motherhood. Our approach is based on a culturally rich model that inspires and motivates fathers and mothers to devote their best efforts in teaching and raising children to develop their potential and the attributes needed for success in life.
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